Our Objective

You will find a wide range of Asian beers, your favourites South-East Asian beers here. Thailand, Singapore,Laos,Vietnam,Cambodia. 

We are based in Melbourne. Enjoy fast delivery in Melbourne with $10 flat-rate fees.
For Sydney, and other cities in Australia , simply call us to tell where you are and what you like. We then find the way to deliver your drinks.
We use Australian Post for Australian-wide delivery.

SinghAus was established to provide drinks to all Thai restaurants, Bottle shops, and bars in Victoria since 2008. We are mix Thai-Aussie company based in Melbourne. Our brands, Singha Beer , the most well-know Thai beer, Beerlaos- the best selling lao beer, Angkor beer, No.1 Beer in Cambodia. All are here now. Think of those wonderful times enjoying on hoildays, you can just enjoy those beers in Australia now.